Bump Box vs Belly Box: Which Pregnancy Subscription Box is a Better Value?

I'm a sucker for subscription boxes filled with self-care items! I love getting surprises in the mail and I love all the luxurious products I wouldn't normally have purchased for myself. When I got pregnant, I did not hesitate to order 2 of the most popular pregnancy subscription boxes: Bump Box and Belly Box. Here's an overview of each:


Price: $44.99 for a one-time order, $39.99/month for a 6 month subscription (the first month is half off with this link!)

What my box included:

  • "mom hair don't care" towel wrap for wet hair

  • Ever Eden soothing belly mask

  • Face It reusable makeup remover cloth

  • Hair ties

  • "Hello, I'm new here" onesie

  • White Chip Strawberry Swirl granola

I loved every product I received! The granola was delicious on top of some vanilla yogurt. The onesie is adorable and I can't wait to put her in it. The makeup remover cloth works like a dream with just water- I'm excited to save the planet and some cash by ditching disposable makeup wipes! The hair ties don't leave a dent in my hair & the towel wrap is perfect for spa nights. The belly mask was very luxurious- I'm in week 28 and my skin was getting a little dry and itchy. This definitely did the trick :)


Price: $39.99 for a one-time order, $36.50/month for a 6 month subscription

What my box included:

  • "New Year, New Baby" maternity tshirt with little baby feet on the belly

  • "BABY" onesie

  • "The best gifts don't come under a tree" Christmas ornament

  • Pants extender

  • Capture these moments- week by week photo cards for your bump

  • "The adventures of baby bump" photo album

  • Bump Temporary tattoos

  • Appointment book

The maternity tshirt was very cute but unfortunately didn't fit- I emailed customer service and while they were quick to reply, they were out of stock and couldn't exchange it for me. I'm somewhere between a small and a medium and I should definitely have ordered a small! The pants extender, photo album, and appointment book felt a little cheap and of poor quality. I'm not sure if I'm into tattooing my bump for photo ops, but I'm willing to try. The Christmas ornament was so sweet and it made me cry :) The onesie was a little weird, of course it's a baby- no need to label her.

OVERALL WINNER: If you're only going to get one, I'd go with the Bump Box. Its products were much higher quality, more geared towards mom's self-care and I found them all useful. The onesie was a lot cuter and the box was a better value for the money.