2022 Baby Registry Welcome Gifts: What I Got From Target!

Target Baby Registry: Create a registry to get a free welcome kit! You'll have to go to Target to pick it up, or it will ship with a $35 order. Here's what I scored in January 2022 in my Target baby registry welcome kit:

  • 3 Huggies Little Snugglers Size 1 diapers

  • 1 Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diaper

  • 10 pack Water Wipes

  • 10 pack Honest Wipes

  • 6 pack Pampers Sensitive Wipes

  • Boogie Wipes saline wipe

  • MAM 4 ounce bottle with pacifier

  • Dr Brown's 4 ounce bottle

  • Johnson's Baby Lotion (very generously sized sample!)

  • 2 Lanishoh breastmilk storage bags

  • 2 Lanishoh nursing pads

  • Upspring Milk Flow breastfeeding supplement, one serving

  • Dreft Newborn liquid laundry detergent, one use

  • Dr Palmer's Stretch Mark lotion sample packet

  • Shea Moisture Baby Wash sample packet

Target advertises their welcome kit as a $150 value, so I had higher expectations and was a little disappointed. But, free is free! I think I'll use all of the samples when my baby arrives, but I was much more impressed with my Amazon welcome box- see what I got here!